Book and Art Exhibition Launch: Blood Horses


With Moyra Donaldsonand Paddy Lennon

Chair: Dr. Paul Perry

Sunday 18 November

Time: 5.30pm

Venue: RDS Library, Ballsbridge

Free entry


When poet Moyra Donaldson viewed the work of artist Paddy Lennon she was immediately inspired. Her response to his work encouraged her to produce a creative collaboration. The fact that horses played an integral part of both artists’ lives is evident in their work. Poet and painter have together created Blood Horses (Caesura Press), a creative and moving dialogue between poem and painting.
Through their words and images these two artists tell the stories of three famous stallions – The Byerly Turk, The Darley Arabian and The Godolphin Barb – the founding fathers of the thoroughbred horse as we know it today. Blood Horses, both exhibition and beautiful limited-edition book, looks at the relationship between humans and horses, the effect they have on our lives and our love for these magnificent creatures. Admission is free but booking is essential at