Volunteers for DBF2014

by Admin on August 15, 2014

As one of Ireland’s most successful and vibrant annual book festivals, we are once again seeking volunteers to help us showcase and support Irish Publishers, authors, and editors, during the different events across our programme.

If you are interested in volunteering with the festival in 2014, please send an email to us at info@dublinbookfestival.com



Volunteer: Dublin Book Festival 2014

by Admin on October 3, 2013

The Dublin Book Festival is one of Ireland’s most successful and vibrant book festivals. This annual public Festival showcases, supports and develops Irish Publishing by programming, publicising and selling Irish published books, their authors, editors and contributors, all in an entertaining, festive, friendly and accessible environment that reflects the creativity and personality of Irish Publishing and its authors.

This Festival, which is shared by publishers, contributors and audiences alike, is one of celebration – celebration of a country that produces some of the best literature in the world and of the teams behind them that make it all happen.

We will be looking at recruiting volunteers for the festival from September 2014, so please check back then to download the form.



This year, for the week running up to and the days during the Dublin Book Festival, we are looking for confident and enthusiastic drama students, groups and individuals to take part in a series of live pop-up performances on LUAS and DART in Dublin city centre locations. This would involve surprise readings of both poetry and prose to help spread word of the Festival.

This is an exciting opportunity for eager young actors and adults alike to exercise their imagination in front of a wide and varied audience, to remind people of the celebration, the community, and the collective awesomeness of Dublin Book Festival.

Participation in the Festival is open to those who are over the age of 18 years only. Please note that this is an unpaid voluntary role. If interested, please reply to info@dublinbookfestival.com where we would be happy to pass on more information.

The Dublin Book Festival Team!


by Admin on October 10, 2012

If you would like to volunteer with the festival in 2013 please send an email to us at  info@dublinbookfestival.com

We will not be processing applications until Summer 2013