Luke_O'Neill_Credit_The_Royal_SocietyWith Luke O’Neill

Venue: Smock Alley Theatre, Temple Bar

Sunday 18 November

Time: 4.00PM

Ticket €5/ Free concession (Proof of ID will be asked for on the night)

It all started with a bang! Or did it? Opposites attract! Or do they? We’re only human! But for how much longer? We’ll all die one day! Or will we? Professor Luke O’Neill, Ireland’s most exciting scientist, will talk about our amazing existence and the future of humankind. Luke will explore topics from his book Humanology (Gill Books), with topics ranging from ‘Why We Listen to Music’ to ‘I want you, I want you so bad: The Science of Finding Love.’

Booking advised

Note: Due to scheduling issue outside of our control this event moved to a new time and location. We apologise for any inconvenience. The new event details are as stated above: Sunday 18 November at 4pm in Smock Alley Theatre, Temple Bar. If you have any queries please email:

BOOKED OUT – please email: info@dublinbookfestival to be added to cancellation list. Due to a change of date/venue and time there may be no-shows on the day and if so, people without tickets will be allowed entry on a first come, first served basis.
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