Meet the Publishers

DBF2018-Event-600x900-32With Mariel Deegan, Deirdre Nolan and Ivan O’Brien

Sunday 18 November

Time: 10.30am – 12.00pm

Venue: Main Theatre, Smock Alley Theatre

Ticket Cost €15


Everyone has a book in them, or so they say. If you are a writer interested in getting your work published, or wondering how to get started on that novel that has been on your mind fo so many years, then join our panel of publishers for a crash course on how to get published!

Our panel of experts will discuss strategies for online marketing (such as tips for building an online profile and maintaining a strong social media presence), blogging platforms for authors, resources for book design and layout, the pitfalls and common mistakes that authors make when submitting their manuscripts, editing techniques, and guidelines for the author’s project management steps along the way –  in this fast-paced print and digital publishing landscape – from the slushpile to the printer!

Mariel Deegan is General Manager of New Island Books, Deirdre Nolan is  Commissioning Editor for Gill Books, and Ivan O’Brien is Managing Director of The O’Brien Press, a family-owned book publishing company based in Dublin.

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