Murder Mystery Adventure!

DBF-2019-EventImages-600x900.inddFULLY BOOKED With Jed Lynch

Age 8+ (3rd/4th Class)

Friday 15th November

Times: 10.30am

Venue: Raheny Library

Free entry, Booking essential, places limited

Seamus loves to solve mysteries. As a private detective, it is his job to work many exciting cases. He also happens to be a turkey. Join Jed Lynch, author of Murder Most Fowl (Little Island Books) as Jed leads us through one of Seamus the Turkey’s exciting cases. This adventure will feature murder, deceit… and feathers.

Like Cluedo, but with more wings than usual.


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Jed Lynch is a human author from Cork in Ireland. He claims to have co-written a number of plays, including one about a floating house and another about a giant singing brain, but Little Island is not prepared to swear to this in court.

Murder Most Fowl is the first thing that he has co-written with a turkey. Seamus, a private detective who just happens to be a turkey, provides the exciting storylines based on the cases he has worked on, as well as all of the feathers, wings and beaks in the partnership. Jed, on the other hand, provides the hands. He has a pet reindeer and a toddler at home and is learning to play the trumpet. Badly.